John F. Groom Political/ Communications Background


March 2018 5 years from date of application, US Patent is issued to Groom for System and Method for Searching, Organizing, Exploring and Relating Online Content
March 2018 Groom files CIP patent application for Alternate Search Methodology
2018 Beta created for Groom Media, a site devoted to a broad range of media recommendations for conservatives and libertarians with 34,950 Twitter followers
2017 Daily Outrage re launched
2014 Attitude Media publishes Counting to God, by Doug Ell, a sophisticated and science based analysis of issues related to evolution. Groom serves as editor. Book is endorsed by head of physics department of MIT, among other leading scientists
2012 Groom publishes e-book "The $1.4 Billion Man" about White House Spending.
1998 - 2003 Groom served as Director of Content and Site Development, and later as a consultant, for (now Ebix) a pioneering online financial services company owned by GE Life and Annuity Assurance Company, John Hancock Variable Life Insurance Company, Keyport Life Insurance Company, Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, and others. The company was the first to sell variable annuities online and Groom was integral in development the process by which variable annuities were sold via the web for the first time. Financing arranged by Goldman Sachs.
1997 Attitude Media begins The Outrage:

Web Magazine: "a brilliant use of the Web"

Netscape's Netcenter: "Unbridled rants that can brighten even the dullest day"

The Boston Globe: "John Groom also understands that man's nature is contradictory"

Playboy: "Entertaining rants on topics such as NBA labor negotiations and government waste."
Study by John Groom entitled "Communications, Publishing, and Public Policy."

This extensive study examined the various methods by which public policy organizations attempt to market their message. The study was endorsed by a number of foundation and institute leaders, including former Treasury Secretary William Simon. Groom also wrote an article for Philanthropy magazine based on the study.

1994 In association with the Charles Koch foundation, hosted 4 interns
1992 Groom establishes Groom Books and publishes Official Lies; How Washington Misleads Us by James Bennett and Thomas DiLorenzo. Reviewed in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Featured on C-Span
1991 In association with the Institute for Humane Studies, Distribution of public policy books in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall including a trip to 3 cities in Poland to follow the distribution
1986 Groom writes Don't Blame the Teacher for The Washington Post's Insight Section
1983 B.A. Government Pomona College, Claremont California