John F. Groom

John F Groom

General Partner, Rock Hill Development LLC

Appraised Value of Rock Hill Road Property $15.5-18M.

Approximately 10-acre property near future Innovation Metro Station on Silver Line, Herndon Virginia.

Founder, Attitude Media, Inc.

Internet Software Development Company.

Patent issued to Groom in March 2018 for  System and Method for Searching, Organizing, Exploring and Relating Online Content


Social Media Followers:

Groom Media Twitter -- 48,669

Indo Art House Twitter -- 50,431

Indo Art House Instagram -- 27,732

Author of the following books:

Living Sanely in an Insane World: Philosophy for Real People

Life Changing Advice from People You Should Know

Tragedy to Triumph: 100 Amazing Comeback Stories

Personal Interests

Art Collecting


Fitness Training